July 2021 Update

July 19th Update

Modifier Component - Kitchen Customization

       Kitchen Printer setup at Modifier Component and Modifier Component Item level.

       Specific modifiers can be sent to different kitchens.

       OVERRIDE : override default setting by higher level.

       ADD : modifier will be sent to different kitchens in addition to the kitchen set up by default.

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July 29th Update

Menu11 - Customer Verification : Skip

       Customer Log-in Verification at Menu11 can be skipped.

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Merchant copy print bug fix

       Nonstop printing bug when PRINT MERCHANT COPY is turned off is fixed.

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Print Ticket by Seat

       Items assigned to each seat can be printed out separately.

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Seat # Print on Kitchen Line Item

       Seat # can be printed out to each line item of kitchen print.

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July 30th Update

Fee Removal for the specified types of payments

       Fee can be removed for specific payments.

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       Tax & Fees can be shown in combined line on customer display.

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Additional Permission Sets : Menu Edit & Map Edit

       Permission only for Menu & Map edit is added. (No access to setting)

       Now, user with permission can edit Menu & Map from Table Management and Sales screen.

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