Menu Disable & Countdown

Menu Disable/Count-Down option will enable a function which you can use to disable/enable a menu item or turn on count-down system to track inventory & availability of a menu item.

Menu > Setting > Main > Sales > Ordering > Use Menu Disable/Count-Down

  Select Yes to enable the Menu Disable/Count-down. Select No to disable them.


  You will find a new tool called Count-Down from TOOL option from Sales screen.



  When you select the Count-Down from TOOL, a new window will pop up.

  From here, you may Enable or disable by selecting the desired menu item then selecting the Enable Or disable button.


  You may also go to Count-Down button and input inventory amount to start using Count-Down system.


  Menu disable and count-down will show on left top side of the menu item.


  Once you use up all inventory for count-down enabled menu item, you will see an OUT sign and will no longer able to ring that item up, until you input inventory back.