Store Operation

How to operate QR Curbside for store


          Setting up and printing the QR code

                              From the Online report, locate MENU11 and navigate to Store > GEO Setting.




                              Input Limit, latitude, and logitude of your store. Save setting and you will get QR Curbside order code.

                              (Limit is how the customer can be away from your store and still order with the QR Curbside Order. Latitude and logitude can be found in Google Map.)

                              After the QR Code has been created, use DOWNLOAD QR to download QR Table Code.

                              Print the QR Code and place it on the place where the customers can start ordering using the QR Curbside Order.




          Recieving the order

                              By default, QR Curbside orders are auto-confirmed so the store do not have to do anything. If you've changed your setting and want to receive the order manually, please follow the steps below:

                              When the customer makes an order, the POS will notify you with ONLINE NEW button turning yellow(and with sound if the speaker is installed) on the top left side of POS.




                              To recieve the order, Press the the NEW button to bring up the Order List pop up.

                              Press the order, set the correct ready-by time, and press confirm. The order will be confirmed and kitchen print will be sent




          Sending "Your order is ready" notification to the customer

                              To send "Your order is ready" notification to the customer, Press the the Notify button on left side of the POS.




                              Input Ticket number of the order you want to send the notification to.




                              Confirm YES and your email/text message notification will be sent to the customer.