QR Contactless Dining payment can use three different method. In-Person, Online, or both.

Menu > Setting > Menu11 > Contactless > Payment








                              Method > In-Person will disable online payment and customer will only be able to view their bill and request bill.


                              Method > Online will allow customer to view their bill and pay their bill with their mobile device. This will only be avaliable if you have online payment set up.


                              Method > Online + In-Person will allow both request for check to pay and pay with their mobile device.


              Billing (This setting is for Payment online method)




                              Billing > Address will ask for full address when the customer make payments


                              Billing > Zipcode will ask for zipcode only when the customer make payments


                              Billing > None will not ask any additional information other than credit card information when the customer make payments


              Tips (how tip section comes up when the customer makes their payment)




                              Tip > Auto will show default amount of tip selection. Default is 18%, 20%, 25%.


                              Tip > Custom will show custom amount of tip selection. See Gratuity for detail custom tip selection set up guide.


                              Tip > Manual Input Only will only allow customer to manually input tip amount.