Order(Buffet, All You Can Eat)

With Order setting, you may set up the contactless dining operate as the buffet/All You Can Eat mode (AYCE).

See Menu Set Up Guide to learn the basic of how to create/edit menu

Menu > Setting > Menu11 > Contactless > Order




          Preparing a Menu for the buffet/All You Can Eat mode

                              Create one Category that will have all buffet/AYCE plan prices. (Ex. Plan)




                              Create the plans as the Menu Item and price them accordingly. (Ex. Plan A, B, C)




                              Create each plans as Category and create Menu Item which each plan will have.




          Setting up the buffet/All You Can Eat mode


                              Enable buffet/AYCE: Order > Category Selection > USE > YES

                              Input the Category name that contains all plan prices. (Ex. Plan)




                              Set up Categories that will be used: Order > QTY Limit > Categories > Input Category names which contains Menu Item. (Ex. Plan A, B, C)

                              You may set up item order quanity limitation, using QTY PER Order drop menu.

                              You may set up how the item order quantity limitation, using Base Calculation drop menu. Quantity limit can be set either by the ticket or the guest count.




                              You may set up how frequent can the customer can order using: Order > TIME LIMIT > NEXT ORDER drop menu.






          Once buffet/AYCE mode is set up, QR Contactless Dining will only show menu, which has been enabled.








See Buffet, All You Can Eat Mode for Opeartion Detail