Using return function will let you return item from previous sales.

You will need the credit card if you are doing an in-person return back to the credit card. If you are returning via MOTO, you will need credit card information, such as credit card number and CVV number.

It is recommended to return using the original payment method. If return needs to be done to credit card, returning to the orginal credit card is strongly recommanded.

FD: MAP Screen > Ticket button on right side > Close Tickets
QSR: Sales Screen > Ticket button on top left corner > Close Tickets


          Select the Closed ticket with date button. Select the sales date of the original ticket, using the calendar.






                              Find the original ticket and select RETURN.




                              When the return screen shows, select the items you want to return and press process when you are done selecting them. You may press multiple quanity if the quantity is more than 2.






                              An open ticket will be created with negative value. Press the payment method for return.




                              When prompted for confirmation, press YES. If you do not have permission to do return it will ask for the manager's access code.




                              Return will be processed.