Cc No Tip (Adjusting Tips)

While you are doing the register close, you may find CC NO-TIP has orange highlight and the save button is disabled.

Sales screen(map screen) > Menu > Register Close > CC NO-TIP has orange highlight




          This means that you did not add tips to your credit card transactions and you'll need add them to process with the register close.


          Go to the credit card transaction settle screen by pressing CC NO-TIP from register close.




          Once you are on credit card transaction settle screen, start inputting tips into each transaction by using number pad that comes up when pressing the transaction.




                              *You could also press Gratuity to adjust the tips




                              You could finish transaction settle along with inputting tips. See this link for detail: Credit Card (Settle Transaction)



          After inputting all the tips into the transactions, you'll see the orange highlight from CC NO-TIP gone.

If you do not want to input tips but still want to do the resgister close, see: Skipping for register close