Terminating An Employee

To remove/terminate an employee completely, start from Employee management > Employee list

This process will remove employee completely. To remove an employee from a group only, refer to Removing An Employee From A Group

Menu > Employee > Employee Management > Employee List > Terminated


          Terminating an employee

                              Go to TERMINATED section and select TERMINATE USER.




                              Select the employee you want to terminate.




                              When the termination confirmation prompts, confirm YES.


                              Hint: Termination will delete the employee from all stores (if multi-location), remove password, and the employee will not be able to login or out.






          The employee will be terminated.




                              Hint: CloudPOS will keep the employee information for 7 Years before the employee information expires. You may restore any employee at any time within the 7 Year period.

                              To see how to restore an employee from terminated state, refer to Restore an employee from terminated state