Price Type

Menu Item can be assigned different Price Type.



       1. Click on Menu on top right corner.

System Menu


       2. Click Setting to access to setting menu.

System Menu


       3. Go to Repository > MENU > Edit on Menu you want to edit

System Menu


       4. Price Type can be found in item edit screen.

                   Single : Default price input when item ring-up

                   Amount : Custom Amount input when item ring-up. Default Price will be pre-eetered

                   Weight : Price will be Weight input x Default Price

                   Quantity : Number of Item x Default Price will be total price ring-up

System Menu

Multiple Price Type


       5. Multiple is a bit different from other four.

                   Multiple : Name and Price can be user input just like a modifier

System Menu



       Weight will show GWT : 3.00 x Default Price(1.99) = 5.97

System Menu


       Multiple will show the screen below just as our setting.

System Menu